In this series we’re exploring the tiny voice at the back of our minds urging us to escape normal. That little voice that asks “what else is out there?” That voice that questions our 9-5 jobs with that constant unanswered question of “what if I just dropped everything and explored this planet?”

We’ve tracked down the humans you want to hear about. The ones that sold up, broke lease, ended cable contracts, stored furniture and simply left.

In this edition of Wandering Workers we’re talking with Anton Malishev, a Landscape Architect in hibernation from Melbourne, Australia, who’s taken an extended leave from life to do something more exciting, more educational and more invigorating.



 Image: Anton Malishev | Mum We Are Fine


What were you in your past life?

A white collared professional, either catching the train or riding my bike to work. I was a Landscape Architect, in Melbourne Australia. But let’s not use past tense because I loved what I did and still plan on doing more landscape architecture work in the future. I don’t know when that will be. I just got to a point in my career where I had developed enough skills, experience and confidence to use on the other side of the pond, in another big smoke.

What are you doing now?

I am drinking a wine while stroking my moustache in Medellin, Colombia. I have settled here for a while to learn Spanish. I think it is actually the first wine I have had here in 5 months. Colombia isn’t known for its wine.

Before this I was travelling through South America. I have been away for a total of 13 months and I don’t have any plans to return to Australia anytime soon. Sorry Mum.

Next, I will be making my way through Central America.

The best way to describe what I am ‘doing’, is that I am building a nomadic lifestyle for myself with a goal to earn a passive income. As part of building this lifestyle I set out to learn web development with the intentions to earn money remotely.

To do this I learnt HTML and started a travel blog ‘Mum We Are Fine’. I provide advice for others travelling in South America. I want to entice others to fall in love with this continent as I have through beautiful photographs of the incredible landscapes.



  Image: Anton Malishev | Mum We Are Fine


   Image: Anton Malishev | Mum We Are Fine


Why did you choose South America?

I chose South America because I knew I could spend more time learning and developing on a lower cost of living. To prolong the travels I have been trading my skills in exchange for accommodation and food. It started with shoveling horse poo. Not all bad as I also learnt to ride a horse in a desert overlooking the snow capped Andes Mountain Range. This has progressed and I am now doing things that I enjoy doing and honing my skills in photography, web design and graphic design.

Right now I have a three way exchange of services where I will design a website for friend, he will teach English to another who in turn is teaching me Salsa.

In the 13 months of travel I have received approximately 275 nights free accommodation through an exchange of services. Next, I will be selling photography to fund my travels. Behance Profile.

Was there a trigger point that made you decide to go ahead with your nomadic plans?

A combination of: a love for travel, an urge to always learn, and too much predictability.

Firstly, I fell in love with the South American culture on my first trip here in 2009. It had me hooked and I knew I was going to come back.

On top of this, working the 9-5 didn’t allow me enough time to study and practice new things that I was interested in such as; web and app development or photography.

Finally, the predictability.

I could practically see my life ahead of me. I had a great job, a nice apartment, incredible friends, my loving family, beautiful life partner etc.

Sounds perfect right? It was, but not for me.

The ‘routine’, the ‘9-5’, ‘working for the man’, was all too much.  I was living a repetitive lifestyle. Work, earn money, save money, go out and spend money. Repeat. I could see myself continuing that lifestyle, the next promotion, saving for a house, you know, what society says you should do. ‘Choose life, choose a job, choose a career’ didn’t sit with me.


   Image: Anton Malishev | Mum We Are Fine


What is something you didn’t originally consider about your new wondering lifestyle that you now understand?"

You can’t beat the friendship of a lifelong friend. I meet new people everyday and have made some incredible friendships and memories. I have also had friends from home pass by and visit me. They have made me miss home though.


Will you ever find normal again?

My mum called me the other day. After the first half hour of her asking me when I was coming home and my response being ‘I don’t know’, I had to change the subject. I asked ‘what’s new back home?’ Her answer ‘oh nothing, same old same old’.

So if that is normal, then it’s not for me.

Sometimes when I look at my dwindling bank account I think I might have to go back to the ‘same old, same old’. Which in turn inspires me to continue with what I am doing and find a way to make it work.

This feels normal to me.

You can follow Anton via his blog Mum We Are Fine and discover more of his epic photography on Facebook and Instagram


   Image: Anton Malishev | Mum We Are Fine


   Image: Anton Malishev | Mum We Are Fine


   Image: Anton Malishev | Mum We Are Fine



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