Go reusable

Let's end single-use water bottle consumption

Less impact

By choosing products that are designed to be reused over and over, you're helping the environment. When you think about the amount of energy it takes to produce a single-use water bottle, only for it to be thrown away — it's a little absurd. memobottles are designed for life, not landfill. Make the switch today.

Timeless, not trendy

Memobotte is a contemporary solution to help make your reusable habits a breeze. Crafted with a minimal appearance and ultra-slim shape — there's a size for everyone.

Help those in need

In Australia, we have some of the best drinking water available. By going reusable and refilling at home, you can save money and become more mindful.
Did you know, every memobottle sold provides one person with two months' access to clean water